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BORG Calendar combines a calendar with an efficient task organizer to help you keep track of all of your important events and tasks that you have to do during a specific day, week, or month. Its interface is very intuitive and, with a simple glance, you can view all your important appointments, work, or chores to complete over the next few days.

With this tool, you can insert dozens of entries every day, organized hourly, and assign a level of importance to each one. This gives you a detailed, color-coded plan with different categories to keep everything organized. Every one of these tasks can be repeated, highlighted on the calendar, or have a reminder attached to alert you of the beginning of an event, all depending on your needs.

When you first download this tool, it comes with all the important holidays marked on the calendar, but you can add any holidays you like. If you've entered some incorrect data and don't feel like editing it again, you can simply move it to another month or year. If you have a lot of entries and can't find what you're looking for, BORG Calendar has a search bar to help you find the exact date you need.

Your entire calendar can be exported to XML and printed by week or month in case you need a more physical view of your tasks and appointments. The possibility to completely customize all the entries helps you control the look of your daily tasks, as you can apply the same color to a category or type of work during long periods of time.
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